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How to Make Wi-Fi Calls on Android Smartphones Select phones are capable of Wi-Fi Calling, allowing you to make and receive domestic or international calls over a Wi-Fi network, even if you're not in Verizon coverage. An even better advantage is if you have service issues while indoors like dropped or failed calls, Wi-Fi calling helps with those problems by routing your call over your Free Internet Calls | Free VOIP Calls | PopTox This is because international calls cost us money and we can only offer so many free calls every day. You can make unlimited calls if you like our service by registering and adding money to your account. Signing up and making a payment is very simple and only takes a few minutes. We accept payments via credit/debit card, Paypal and Bitcoin. Our How to Turn on WiFi Calling on Galaxy: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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However, making Wi-Fi or data calls is a feature that has yet to make it to the app. That's where Android apps like Talkatone, GrooVeIP, and Phone for Google Voice and GTalk come into play. Can I make free phone calls in Jio sim with WiFi? - Quora The guys earlier have only half baked answers which deserve to be down voted and ignored. I'm going to answer your question in detail Android 4G VOLTE phone - uses 4G VOLTE network, you can also go to phone settings to choose Wi-Fi calling while u