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2017-11-5 My WiFi on my laptop won't work but works with Ethernet 2018-8-29 Mac won't connect to the internet: What to do | Macworld

Click on Network & Internet in the Setting Menu. Click on WiFi to see the list of available networks (SSIDs) To connect to your private home WiFi network, click on the network name of your private home WiFi network in the menu (usually this will be the network with the strongest signal, typically beginning with the word “HOME”), and click

Nov 05, 2017 · From my OnePlus 3T (Oxygen 4.1.3 - Android 7.1.1) I connect to mobile network (4G), create my wifi hotspot with name and password, then I connect my laptop (with Windows 7 Enterprise sp1), it connects to wifi network but with the yellow "warning" triangle saying "No internet access" and I can't understand why! what happens is my laptop connects to the router via lan cable but I can't access internet. while on my other laptop I can. Thought it was a lan cable issue, so replaced it. Still the same problem and as my other laptop connects to the same router via the same lan cable there has to some problem with my laptop. I setup my home network. Strong connections with security disabled, then when I enabled WEP encryption I received the message: "You Are Connected to the Access Point, but the Internet Cannot Be Aug 19, 2018 · MY configuration: I an trying to adjust to a recent change in my home network. I have Comcast phone, TV and Internet. The Comcast modem/router/Tele connection is in the basement. To have strong wireless upstairs, on the 2nd floor -- at the other end of th

After I install ubuntu to my laptop I can't access no

My laptop can connect to the wifi but doesn't have internet access. It has this yellow triangle sign on the wifi sign. I've had this problem for a week and it keeps coming up. It'll be fixed at one point then the following day the problem resurfaces. Almost tried any possible solution. Sometimes a solution would work but next time it won't. Connected to Wireless Network, But Can't Access Internet 2005-5-19 I can't access any Norton websites on my laptop | Norton 2010-10-20 How to Configure Internet Access for a Laptop: 6 Steps 2019-3-29 · How to Configure Internet Access for a Laptop. Imagine sitting on the couch in your living room browsing the web, or chatting with friends online while relaxing in bed at night, or sending documents from the computer in the kitchen to the