Make Vista Faster. This Windows Vista tutorial and the next tutorials in this series will explain how to make Vista run faster and better. There are several aspects impacting Windows Vista's speed; unlike previous versions of Windows, Vista takes care of its maintenance behind the scenes, which makes you automatically benefit from a faster operating system.

Speed Up Windows Boot Times By Delaying Startup Of This method has the benefit of faster boot times, but will also speed up Windows logon time (when most auto start programs are started). Additionally, you can control when a service will start, unlike Vista's delayed auto start feature, which cannot be controlled as to exactly when the service will start. How To Make Vista Start, Run and Shutdown Faster Jan 06, 2008 Five secrets to faster Vista starts | ZDNet Sluggish security software. I hate antivirus software. I hate all-in-one security solutions even more. …

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Deleting not-needed and extra programs’ shortcuts will help Vista boot faster. By the way, not every program that loads when Widows boot will show up in the Startup folder. Also, the notification area of the Taskbar will show you few icons, check their preferences and select which ones you want to be there when Vista starts up, and which ones

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