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Unlocked - Top Movie Trailers, Top Video Game Trailers - IGN The #1 Xbox show on the internet comes to you weekly to discuss the news, games, and opinions on the inner workings of Xbox, Microsoft, and probably In-N-Out Burger. Unblocked Videos - Metacafe Get access to cmd (if at school or a place that blocks cmd) 1. open notepad 2.type: echo off command echo on or command**** 3.save file as ".bat" eg command.bat 4. open and you have cmd Change users passwords (EVEN ADMINS) 1.open cmd 2.type: net user 3.choose desired username 4.type: net user (username) 5.type net user (username) * ***NOTE:it does not show what you are typing for security Pig Slaughter - Hidden Camera Exposes High Speed Slaughter Pig slaughter caught on hidden camera inside a USDA-approved and inspected slaughterhouse that supplies Hormel.. The pig slaughter plant featured in this video is one of 5 facilities in the U.S., operating under a pilot program that allows high speed slaughter. Unblocked Videos - YouTube

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