BCBS prefix acts as a key element or plays an important role while confirming member’s eligibility and coverage. Two type of BCBS alpha prefix. Plan Specific; Account Specific; Plan Specific: In this the first two alpha prefix identifies the plan and the third prefix identifies the product the member currently enrolled in. Example

Alpha Prefix Importance; Most members with coverage through a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan are assigned a three letter alpha prefix as a part of their unique identification number. The alpha prefix can easily be identified as it is the first three characters. The alpha prefix is very important to the identification number. A3 116 Submitted NAIC and Alpha Prefix edit Ensure the billing provider and alpha prefix reported belong to Highmark and not Capital Blue Cross. A6 126 Subscriber address required Ensure the subscriber's address is reported when the subscriber is the patient. A8 128 & 562 Submitted Tax ID does not match the Tax ID on file in CPR for the You may also call 1-800-664-BLUE (2583). Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey 2017 Managed Care Benefits-at-a-Glance 1 If you have questions about enrollment, benefits or claims, visit NaviNet.net or call 1-800-624-1110 to use our Interactive Voice Response system, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generally including weekends The prefix identifies the member’s Blue plan and is associated with a product type indicating specific eligibility and benefit information. The prefix also routes claims for processing. Be sure to use all alpha characters and numbers as shown on the ID card when checking eligibility or submitting claims. Local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Mailing Addresses Last Update 10/24/2013 State/Alpha Prefix Claims Filing Address Alabama BCBS of Alabama P.O. Box 995 Birmingham, AL 35298 Arkansas Arkansas BCBS PO Box 2181 Little Rock AR 72203 -2181 Arizona BCBS of Arizona PO Box 2924 Phoenix, AZ 85062 -2924 California BC of California PO Box 60007

Prefix Group Number Group Name Effective Product XMB 10034591 Lakeland School District 10/1/2011 Trad LIG 10034240 Latah County 10/1/2010 PPO IDN Blue Cross of

Quick Guide to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Member ID Cards May 2015 10 POS Members If you have a POS contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and provide medical service to a member who has a blank suitcase logo on his/her member ID card (local member or out-of-area member) and a Blue cross Blue Shield association cannot accept Guest Membership claims electronically. They must be sent hard copy. However, fax submission is allowed at the ollowing fax numbers: 866-365-5504 or 303-764- 7123 for BCBS OF CA AND BCBS OF CO If you experience difficulties or need additional information, call 800.676.BLUE.

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Find BCBS address by alpha prefix id Blue Cross Blue Shield Prefix Assignments Prefix Product Area Billing Address Phone # Employer YBF BCBS Kansas City (Medicare) YCA MO BC MO, POB 14882 , St Louis , MO , 63178-4882 800-392-8772 Plan & Alpha Prefix Guide Below you will find a list of the 2015 BCNEPA plans with the corresponding Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for 2016. As members renew or enroll their individual or group contracts for health care coverage in 2016, they will be presented with a new Highmark-branded ID card. Verify eligibility via Highmark’s NaviNet. Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Atlanta, GA 30348-5557 BlueCard All other three-character prefixes not listed above PPO – if PPO in suitcase logo. Indemnity – if empty suitcase logo. Claims Customer Service: 888-817-3717 Eligibility: 800-676-BLUE (2583) Jul 01, 2020 · An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association 020469 (07-2020) Prefix BCBS Plan Prefix BCBS Plan Prefix BCBS Plan A2T Premera Blue Cross A9P Premera Blue Cross ACF Premera Blue Cross AGL Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin CXF AHC D8L Premera Blue Cross AJX DBHPremera Blue Cross HLC ALK DENPremera Blue Cross R prefix: DC/Metropolitan Area: 202‑488‑4900 MD: 800‑854‑5256 DC/Metropolitan Area: Mail Administrator P.O. Box 14113 Blue Cross and Blue Shield