Before TuneCore, artists needed a label to get their music sold online. In 2006, we changed the game by partnering with digital stores to allow any musician to sell their songs worldwide while keeping 100% of their sales revenue.

tun - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. tun definition: 1. a large cask, esp. for wine, beer, or ale 2. a measure of capacity for liquids, usually 252 wine gallons (954 liters)Origin of tunMiddle English tonne from Old English tunne, large cask and Old French tonne, both from Medieva tun meaning: 1. a large round wooden container for beer or wine: 2. a large round wooden container for beer or…. Learn more. Other articles where Tun is discussed: chronology: Maya and Mexican: …by those years but by tuns (360 days) and their multiples of 20: katuns (20 tuns), baktuns (400 tuns), pictuns (8,000 tuns), calabtuns (160,000 tuns), and kinchiltuns (3,200,000). In practice, the last three were seldom used. The tun comprised 18 uinals, each of 20 kins (days), but these did not… Jan 31, 2019 · The German verb tun means to do. It is a strong verb. Its past tense forms tat and getan are irregular. Note how this verb follows the vowel pattern u-a-a in the past.

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Differences between "tun" and "machen" A frequent question is what is the difference between "machen" and "tun". Often, they are synonyms and can be used interchangeably even though machen is more common in these cases (it depends on the region). In a few cases, only the use of "tun" is correct, especially in fixed expressions: tun ="tap") tun is the handler for the newly created tunnel and is manipulated like a file. To read/write, use the standard methods recv([size = 1500]) and send(buf) Dark Rose Ribbed Footie by Tun Tun Sold Out. Wine Knot Hat by TunTun. Select size. Size. 3-6m . 6-12m . Add to Bag . Wine Knot Hat by TunTun $29.00., New York, NY. 4.4K likes. The University Network (TUN) helps students save money with its student discount programs, content & resources, and the Textbook and Scholarship Save Engines.

Conversion of units between 20 Tun and Sack (Us) (20 and ) is the conversion between different units of measurement, in this case it's 20 Tun and Sack (Us), for the same quantity, typically through multiplicative conversion factors ( and ).

Fitch Ratings - London - 23 Jul 2020: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Enda Tamweel S.A.'s (Enda) National Long- and Short-Term Ratings at 'BBB-(tun)' and 'F3(tun)', respectively. The Outlook on the National Long-Term Rating is Stable. Translation for 'Tun' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations. José René Ruiz, Actor: Under the Volcano. José René Ruiz was born on November 22, 1932 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico as José René Ruiz Martínez. He was an actor, known for Under the Volcano (1984), Póker de ases (1952) and The Beautiful Dreamer (1952). He was married to Rocío Gentz. He died on October 16, 1993 in Mexico City, Mexico. tun (n.) "large cask," especially one for wine, ale, or beer, Old English tunne "tun, cask, barrel," a general North Sea Germanic word (compare Old Frisian tunne, Middle Dutch tonne, Old High German tunna, German tonne), also found in Medieval Latin tunna (9c.) and Old French tonne (diminutive tonneau); perhaps from a Celtic source (compare Middle Irish, Gaelic tunna, Old Irish toun "hide, skin"). Other articles where Tun is discussed: tardigrade: …suspended animation called the “tun” state—in which the body dries out and appears as a lifeless ball (or tun). In this state their metabolism may decline to as little as 0.01 percent of its normal rate. Tardigrades can survive as tuns for years, or even decades, to wait out… TuneCore Artists can log in to check sales reports, withdraw money, distribute music and view analytics of where their music is being streamed.