Nov 20, 2011 · New Multiple Session Support gives Mac users simultaneous access to multiple Windows-based PCs or to a network server that hosts remote applications and files. Since it is a Universal application, Remote Desktop Connection Client 2 is compatible with the latest technologies on Windows and Mac platforms.

If Mail on your Mac can’t connect to your email account If Mail on your Mac can’t connect to your email account. If you entered the correct password for your email account in the password dialog in the Mail app on your Mac, but Mail says it can’t connect to your email account, your email account provider may be rejecting the password. See the Apple Support article If Mail on your Mac keeps asking for your password. How to Fix "Can't Connect to Server" in Minecraft: 13 Steps Jan 06, 2020

pgAdmin and PostgreSQL: can't connect to server

Apr 22, 2020 · OK, this isn't a FreeBSD problem as such, as I used to be able to connect to Samba perfectly, but I upgraded to a new Mac running Catalina (15.4) and I can no longer connect to Samba. My server is running 12.1-RELEASE-p3 and samba 4.10.14 I've tried all the tricks that I've been able to find update 1 checked udp ports 500, 1701, 4500 — all open from mac. update 2 set up another l2tp ipsec preshered secret server on windows and got same result — don't respond on mac, connected on iphone. update 3 wiresharked booth on 'connections', and there is no udp packets from mac on connection, but test packets are ok.

Jan 20, 2009 · On my iMac, I can't reach any website on a google server. I have tried to use both Firefox and Safari, deleted and reinstalled both, and it just says that it can't connect to the server I can reach any other website without a problem, so it's not a connectivity issue.

I downloaded the MySQL server and installed it on my Mac, but every time I tried to connect to it, I got the following error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (61) There can be many reasons for this error, most of which are generously covered online, but in … Connection Problems Between Horizon Client and the PCoIP If your users connect to the PCoIP Secure Gateway on a View Connection Server instance, select that instance on the Connection Servers tab. Click Edit. In the PCoIP External URL text box, make sure that the URL contains the external IP address for the security server or View Connection Server host that clients can access over the Internet.