The iPhone 5S. Steve Kovach/Business Insider Even last year, there was almost no major, noticeable difference between the camera on the 3-year-old iPhone 6S and the one on the new iPhone 8. Sep 12, 2013 · Overshadowed by the lack of a larger screen, the iPhone 5s actually has some sweet upgrades, from the A7 & M7 processor, it's 64-bit architecture, a much improved camera and it's Touch ID The iPhone 5s also has the capacity for up to 10.5 days of standby time when not in use. To get the most out of an iPhone 5s battery, turn off unnecessary app notifications and change display settings to use less power. It is also a good idea to keep an iPhone away from direct sunlight and heat, as overheating can ruin the battery. What

Jul 12, 2018 · In this article, you can find 5 Ways to fix iPhone 5s battery draining suddenly. As soon as you perform some of these tricks, and turn off the things you do not actually use, the difference in the battery life will be noticeable instantly. See also:5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Getting Extremely Hot And Battery Drains Rapidly At this writing, for example, the best you'd get for an iPhone 8 (from a third-party service) would be about $180, according to Flipsy -- just $10 more than Apple's offer. However, Apple's trade Aug 31, 2019 · For owners of the later iPhone SE, we also have a full roundup of iPhone SE cases that you can also use for the older four-inch phones like the 5 and the 5s (though, sadly, not the 5c). And who knows?

Apr 24, 2018 · The iPhone 5s is Apple's 7th generation iPhone. The 5s was introduced by Phil Schiller at the iPhone event on September 10, 2013 and released on September 20 alongside iOS 7. Physically the iPhone 5s looked identical to the previous year's iPhone 5, including the 4-inch 1136x640 in-cell display. But that's been true for every s-branded phone Apple has released to date. With this phone,

The other answers here seem to be missing the point. iPhone 5S is one of the smallest, and lightest smartphone in the market, and followed only by its successor in the same body, iPhone SE.