Please note that not all smart cards and tokens are supported on SoftEther VPN. Supported device lists can be found on the web. Any Smart Cards or USB Tokens which are compatible to PKCS#11 are supported. Grouping Users. All user objects which are defined on the Virtual Hub by the administrator can be grouped. Groups can be created and a group

G/On - IT Security Product | Soliton Systems Insert the G/On USB Token, launch the G/On Client, log in with AD credentials and select the apps needed. Single-sign-on is include and the most used apps can automatically be started after authentication. Access based on permission rules or ad group membership USB Flash Drive Personal VPN - SurfBouncer The Virtual Machine Flash Drive VPN is a fully functional operating system, browser, email client and VPN — on a USB flash drive! The VPN flash drive functions in two ways. (please let us know which you prefer after ordering) 1) As a fully bootable computer system. Just plug it into any computer. Set the boot order to boot to the USB being first. NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Client Smart card and USB token The VPN Client can read certificates from smart cards to make full use of existing corporate ID or employee cards that carry digital credentials. You can easily import smart card ATR codes to enable new smart card and USB token models that are not yet in the software. VPN requires YubiKey/RSA token beginning Aug. 5 | News

Does anyone know whether the Junos PulseSecure client for Linux (5.3+) can use a USB token for VPN authentication, e.g., via pkcs11? I'm using a SafeNet (Aladdin) eToken 5110 on Windows. My impression from trying the Linux client is that it doesn't support it even though it is possible to access the credentials on the token via the SafeNet

AnyConnect and user certificates - Cisco Community Hi all, To connect to a AnyConnect VPN, we use USB tokens and smart cards. These tokens / cards often store several certificates of user for various services (VPN, Wi-Fi, mail, etc.). Each service has its own certificate template. In the certificate template for a specific service a specific OID is How To Install a VPN on Your Router | PCMag

Token-less VPN allows you to connect to the Partners network from a remote location. Each time you connect, a unique confirmation code is sent to your registered mobile phone by text message. As an alternate method, you can connect by phone call (e.g., on a landline phone).

Learn More About USB Tokens. Thales's USB Security Tokens. SafeNet eToken 5300 is a compact, tamper-evident USB, which creates a third factor of authentication. This next generation eToken features presence detection functionality, is FIPS 140-2 certified and is available in Micro and Mini form factors. How to create a USB security key on - Windows Central May 12, 2017 Web USB Token - Chrome Web Store Secure online transactions with USB crypto device. USB token is a crypto device, this extension enables accessing it from web pages. Using tokens with SSL VPN - Server Fault