1. openvpn is being run as an admin (on the Macbook). There is no control over this on iPhone so I assume it's kosher. 2. confirmed: tunnel network:, local network:

@peterh-ReinstateMonica Thanks. I just started working with OpenVPN (or any VPN) this week. So other than for apparent reasons, I have no idea how and why this works, but it did the trick for me so I wanted to share it. – stupid anon May 8 at 9:58 How to Install OpenVPN on CentOS 7 - RoseHosting.com Blog May 23, 2020 OpenVPN - instalación y configuración Win8 - YouTube

Route of OpenVPN pod console 10 60 persist-key persist-tun proto tcp port 443 dev tun0 status /tmp/openvpn-status.log user nobody group nogroup duplicate-cn push

Install OpenVPN and Easy-RSA. Firstly, we're going to add the EPEL (Extra Package for Enterprise … OpenVPN client not connecting: Connection reset Aug 30 23:01:51 pfSense openvpn[76342]: SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting Aug 30 23:01:51 pfSense openvpn[76342]: Restart pause, 80 second(s) Aug 30 23:03:11 pfSense openvpn[76342]: NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts Aug 30 23:03:11 pfSense openvpn

The EdgeRouter OpenVPN server provides access to the LAN ( for authenticated OpenVPN clients. CLI: Access the Command Line Interface. You can do this using the CLI button in the Web UI or by using a program such as PuTTY.

set interfaces openvpn vtun1 mode site-to-site set interfaces openvpn vtun1 protocol udp set interfaces openvpn vtun1 persistent-tunnel set interfaces openvpn vtun1 remote-host '' set interfaces openvpn vtun1 local-port '1195' set interfaces openvpn vtun1 remote-port '1195' set interfaces openvpn vtun1 shared-secret-key-file How to install and configure OpenVPN on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1