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Secure Mail System : Email Address: Password: Remember Email Address: Lost your password or activation email? Copyright © Benefit & Risk Management Services, Inc. Push notifications for Secure Mail - Citrix Docs Configuring Secure Mail for push notifications. To set up Apple Push Notifications or FCM for Secure Mail for app store distribution, in the Endpoint Management console, set Push notifications to ON and then select your region. The following figure shows the setting for iOS. Login to SmarterMail provided by SOS4Net PLEASE NOTE: To enhance webmail security for our email clients, all webmail URLs now redirect to the secure URL except for idComm

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Follow Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.. If you have been sent a secure message through our MySecurePractice Secure Portal (, you will receive an invitation to create your own free account and reply to messages that are sent to you!See instructions below for First Time Signup for users that are sent secure messages through the system.

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