May 31, 2016 · In developing countries, the Internet is even more powerful than it is elsewhere. It can connect people who have known only subsistence to the modern economy, and provide them with opportunities for social and economic advancement. Yet most people in developing countries, some 56 percent of the world’s population, still do not use the Internet.

Dec 17, 2014 · Internet freedom around the world has declined for the fourth year in a row, as more countries introduce aggressive online censorship measures, according to a new report. Jun 22, 2019 · Approximately one-fifth of the world's countries are landlocked, meaning they have no access to the oceans. There are 44 landlocked countries that do not have direct access to an ocean or ocean-accessible sea (such as the Mediterranean Sea). Oct 07, 2017 · In a bid to promote the fastest and the most stable internet services in the entire Europe, Latvia offers high speed wifi services throughout the capital city of Riga. With more than 930 hotspot location across the city, Latvia is indeed one of the best countries with free wifi in Europe. Average Download Speed: 8.46 Average Upload Speed: 8.33. 14. May 13, 2019 · In some countries, many use the internet without realizing it. Report February 5, 2019. Smartphone Ownership Is Growing Rapidly Around the World, but Not Always Equally.

RWB Enemies of the Internet and Countries under Surveillance lists. In 2006, Reporters without Borders (Reporters sans frontières, RSF), a Paris-based international non-governmental organization that advocates freedom of the press, started publishing a list of "Enemies of the Internet".

May 13, 2020 · Internet country domains list. This is a full list of all country TLDs (top-level domains). The official list of top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). IANA is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources. May 09, 2018 · Bringing affordable internet access to developing countries allows people to sell their goods in the open market. For example, easy access to the global marketplace via the internet allows both farmers and artisans to directly sell their goods to international buyers, without going through intermediaries, thereby getting the full value of their Mar 15, 2010 · Report says Egypt, Saudi and Syria are worst violators of freedom of expression online - Business Strategy, Censorship, ISPs, Law And Regulation, Web, Reporters Without Borders Gulf countries called ‘Enemies of the Internet’ - Business Strategy, Censorship, ISPs, Law And Regulation, Web, Reporters Without Borders - Network Middle East Apr 01, 2020 · Best Countries » Best States » 14% of children ages 3-18 – about 9.4 million in total – are without home internet, though other estimates from internet advocacy groups peg that number

Apr 27, 2017 · See also: Top 10 happiest countries-in Africa – UN annual happiness report 2017 Although we still have a long way to go (345,676,501 Internet users out of a population of 1,246,504,865), the current internet usage and statistics shows that Several African countries seem to be on the right path when it comes to improving quality and access to

Jun 19, 2018 · In many advanced economies, nine-in-ten or more use the internet, led by South Korea (96%). Greece (66%) is the only advanced economy surveyed where fewer than seven-in-ten report using the internet. Conversely, internet use is below seven-in-ten in 13 of the 22 emerging and developing economies surveyed. Among these countries, it is lowest in Jul 27, 2017 · The Pacific island nation tops the list of countries that are 20 years behind in technological advancements than the rest of the world. Kiribati is one of the least developed countries in the world, with little to no natural resources left. The country is located far away from rest of the world making it difficult for internet to reach there.