Fri Sep 06 13:03:08 2013 ERROR: could not read Auth username/password/ok/string from management interface Fri Sep 06 13:03:08 2013 Exiting I rebooted the server and got the following entries in /var/log/messages related to OpenVPN. Sep 6 13:48:31 server1 openvpn[2760]: OpenVPN 2.1_rc20 i386-redhat-linux-gnu [SSL] [LZO2] [EPOLL] built on Oct 24 2009

WindowsTesting – OpenVPN Community Oct 17, 2016 [SOLVED] Unable to connect to WatchGuard Mobile VPN Jul 11, 2014 Christoph’s OpenVPN Mini-FAQ – >INFO:OpenVPN Management Interface Version 1 -- type 'help' for more info This is a security risk though because everybody can access the console without any further authentication. Interoperability

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