Z150 14" Top Prom-Deck Drain. The Zurn Z150 14" square top prom-deck drain has a Dura-Coated cast iron body with rotatable square promenade frame with seepage openings, frame clamps and heavy-duty heel-proof grate.

Fluorosurfactant-assisted photolithography for patterning are S1813G (Rohm and Haas) for the positive type and ZPN-1150 (Zeon) for the negative type, and we found a 1wt% additive into the photoresist solutions enabled spin-coated films on Cytop and Teflon AF surfaces. Full coverage was obtained even with a relatively large size, i.e., 10cm square substrate. The rest of the photolithography process was The GNU-Darwin Distribution 2006-1-12 · ### File header must not be modified ### This file must be encoded into UTF-8. ### Special thanks to xiaolinzi, who allows us to redistribute ### this table under GPL. SCIM_Generi A micro-machined flow sensor formed on copper on a The photoresist pattern for the lift-off process to form the sensor element was patterned using a negative photoresist (Zeon corporation, ZPN-1150). (c) A metal thin film was deposited by sputtering to produce the heater and the temperature compensation sensor. 钻井工程课程设计_百度文库

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JP2014171966A - 撥液性表面への塗布方法 - Google Patents

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