11/05/2012 · viewqwest wrote: Actually the usage of our Freedom VPN service is meant to be very simple. There is no need for you to install any software or do any configuration to your device. Simply connect the device or pc to the Freedom VPN wifi SSID or wired connection and you are done. There are no limitation's to to the devices supported.

28/01/2016 · The ViewQwest TV 4K streaming media player was touted as a game-changer at its launch. Produced by local Internet service provider ViewQwest, this media streamer comes integrated with ViewQwest's ViewQwest and other internet service providers in Singapore are regulated by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. All customers who have had a bad experience with ViewQwest or other internet service providers can submit complaints to IMDA by calling 6377 3800 or emailing IMDA at info@ imda.gov.sg. IMDA may not always be aware of various issues that consumers face with ISPs The ViewQwest box will cost S$249 at next week’s Comex show, and comes with a year’s subscription of the company’s Freedom VPN service, which usually goes for S$10.70 a month. The normal price for the box is S$299. ViewQwest has been our partner in Singapore for many years and the reason is clear why we continue to grow and harness this business relationship. Expereo , Singapore The internet connection with ViewQwest Fibernet™ is a lot more reliable than my previous connection. With Netflix clamping down on proxies, Viewqwest through Freedom VPN is the only vendor that I know of, that is able to circumvent content geo-blocking. They are treading a thin line. They are treading a thin line.

Viewqwest is the Lousiest Customer… Viewqwest is the Lousiest Customer Service Provider Previously they deducted using Manual Transfer, I been calling in to ask for deduction via phone. They change policies without informing me, This month i am out of job and i am on MSF Comcare as i two month no job.

Internet service provider ViewQwest is offering its fibre broadband services with a low-cost VPN (virtual private networking) option that enables Singapore users to easily connect to these US-based video services like Hulu and

VPN technology helps safeguard data integrity for companies, as well as connecting employees to internal and external platforms from any location. ViewQwest has points-of-presences in countries such as UK, USA, HK/China, Malaysia and Indonesia to provide you a sophisticated, secure and high-speed network service.

ViewQwest is all about providing the best Internet experience possible. As a broadband provider in Singapore since 2001, we’ve built our reputation on giving customers ultra fast, highly stable Fiber Broadband with unmatched after sales support. We think the Internet is simply awesome and we’re always on the lookout fo