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The first one ip mtu 1400 will logically put the layer 3 mtu (not necessarily the physical MTU) at 1400. In my opinion this is the least effective of the 3 approaches. The crypto ipsec df-bit clear will clear the do not frament bit of TCP packets. This will prevent the problem of packet loss due to packets needing fragmentation but the do not mturoute.exe - Debug the MTU values - Eli Fulkerson Due to the nature of the test, it is sensitive to packets dropped for non-MTU related reasons. Packets that are lost for other reasons will result in an incorrect MTU reading. Mturoute will attempt to re-probe to avoid dropped packets, but the mysteries of the Internet … Configuration of Jumbo MTU on Nexus 5000 and 7000 Series

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Resize MTU in Windows – Zyxel Support Campus EMEA If necessary, you can reduce the MTU value (by default, Windows is set to MTU = 1500 bytes) or increase it for passing large Jumbo Frame Ethernet frames (usually, from 1500 to 9000 bytes). Option 1 Download the special free utility SG TCP Optimizer , which is designed for additional configuration of … Determining the optimal MTU size for your Switch to get Oct 20, 2016

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