How to stream YouTube videos from Mac to PS3 through PS3 How to stream YouTube videos from Mac to PS3 through PS3 Media Server. Dec 12, 2014 05:53 am / Posted by John Salley to Media Players, Video. For those video-game enthusiasts, Play Station 3 is essential equipment. Though the PS3 is famous as a professional video game player, it is also a perfect HD media player which plays an important role in Play games on your Mac installed on another computer with It also expands the Mac's game collection, as the stream works across Windows and Mac desktops, meaning Windows games are playable on a Mac in this way. … How to Watch Showbox on PS4, PS3 (Stream on Playstation

Sep 15, 2017

How to Use Steam on Mac to Download, Install and Play Install games using Steam for Mac. Like the Mac App Store, Steam offers free and paid-for games. For free games, click the Play Game button. This opens a window with options for creating a desktop

How to stream videos from your Mac to your PS3 - Simple Help

PS3 means PlayStation 3, which is the latest video game console from Sony. It is a huge improvement from the PS2, as a ton of new features was added to this newest device. While the PlayStation 2 primarily functions as a game console, the PS3 is a fully-loaded digital home entertainment and computer device. Surprisingly, it’s not: Thanks to the latest system update released for PlayStation 4, it’s now possible to stream games directly from the console to your Mac or PC over an Internet connection. Stream to twitch, then there is built-in function in ps4 as I know. If you want to edit recorded video you can just make local record on PS4 upload it to youtube/facebook or usb HDD and then download it to you mac Mac OS computer and allows streaming of iTunes, iPhoto, and other media content to devices that support UPnP, including the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console. This guide explains how to configure the Majestic Media Server to stream media from a Mac-connected Drobo® or Drobo S to a PS3. System Requirments • Drobo or Drobo S storage array Jul 23, 2020 · Stream your media Step 1: Go back to your PS3, and your computer’s name will be listed under the Photos, Videos, or Music tabs. You should be in the Music segment on your PS3 to play music, in the Photos segment to see photographs, and in the Videos, area to play recordings. Download iMediaShare from the App Store (the free version works just fine), and launch it. Step 2. Turn on your PS3, and make sure both it and your iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Step 3. Streaming on LTE with Moonlight is already pretty good for slower-paced games, but doesn't quite cut it for fast platformers/FPS and the like. Was wondering if anyone here could comment on their streaming performance coming from a rig at home on a 5G client device.