Remotely Access a Mac from a Windows PC

Aug 29, 2006 How to Connect Your Windows Phone to a Mac What you can do by connecting your Windows Phone to a Mac? By syncing your windows phone with a Mac you can get the following advantages. You can Sync music, movies, TV Shows and podcasts, from your existing iTunes library, to devices; Sync photos and videos from your existing iPhoto or Aperture library to your devices; retrieve photos and Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia and your Apple Mac | Microsoft

If you need to print to a printer that’s connected to your Mac from Windows—either a dedicated PC or a virtual machine running under VMware Fusion or Parallels—there are many solutions for

Connecting a Windows 10 computer to a Mac is more complex than you'd imagine. In macOS you just use the Shared section of a Finder window to locate nearby Macs (or use AirDrop). Windows 10 users Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily Sep 08, 2011

How to Share Printers Between Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs

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