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Ok, I take it the openvpn container is on a bridge of its own. Traffic between different container bridges is not allowed by default. It's the DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1 chain you see in the FORWARD chain. If you remove it temporarily with iptables -D FORWARD -j DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1 you should be able to reach the nextcloud through the VPN. You can reinsert the isolation with iptables -I Layer 2 Bridged Mode - SonicWall Non-IPv4 traffic across the Bridge-Pair is controlled by the Block all non-IPv4 traffic setting on the Secondary Bridge Interface. A system may support as many Bridge Pairs as it has interface pairs available. In other words, the maximum number of Bridge-Pairs is equal to ½ the number of physical interfaces on the platform. Tableau bridge vpn - Tableau bridge vpn EdgeRouter - EoGRE Layer 2 Tunnel – Ubiquiti Networks

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bridge VPN connection |VMware Communities Nov 11, 2007 ubuntu - Bridge PPTP VPN with local network - Server Fault This is my configuration: - PPTP VPN:, localip: - LAN: Is it possible somehow to create a bridge between my LAN and the PPTP VPN? So that I can access the clients from the LAN also. If so, how can I do that? As I understood the PPTP VPN must be configured on a different network than the LAN.